Services We Provide

1. Assessment of psychosocial risks in the workplace

We developed Guarding Minds@Work, a unique, no-cost, Canadian resource that helps organizations assess and address psychosocial risks. The 13 psychosocial factors identified by Guarding Minds@Work are central to the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. We assist organizations to customize survey items, interpret survey results in relation to organizational needs and identify effective/feasible actions.

2. Strategic planning for psychological health and safety

We assist organizations to create strategies to enhance psychological health and safety, integrating a user-friendly tool we developed: Psychological Health & Safety – Employer’s action guide. We deliver workshops: (i) to raise employee awareness of this issue; (ii) to actively engage leaders in action planning.

3. Applied Research (AR)

We use an AR approach:

  • Problems are defined by state-of-the-art assessment techniques.
  • Project goals are relevant, feasible, and meaningful.
  • Research evidence is synthesized.
  • Strategic planning identifies appropriate interventions.
  • Interventions are tailored to an organization’s needs, culture and business model.
  • Interventions are applied in a staged manner, starting with pilot sites.
  • Implementation is monitored, including acceptability and uptake by work groups.

Using the AR approach, we completed a three-year project for the Mental Health Commission of Canada to evaluate 40 Canadian organizations as they implemented the National Standard. This project contributed significant knowledge to our understanding of strategies that are effective and feasible in small or large organizations. A report on this project is available at

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