Psychological Health & Safety Pulse Check

Psychological Health & Safety Pulse Check: Measuring and Improving Employee Well-being

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Research and practice consistently show that employees thrive in workplaces that are psychologically healthy and safe. The result is a win-win: employees’ overall well-being improves, and their employer reaps the benefits of a more engaged and productive workforce.

The Psychological Health & Safety Pulse Check© (PH&S Pulse Check) is a short, on-line survey assessing the key workplace factors identified in the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace that strengthen psychological health and safety in organizations today, contributing to a trust-based culture. It asks employees about their perceptions of their work responsibilities, work relationships, and management support over the last four weeks.

All items in the PH&S Pulse Check are actionable, which facilitates evidence-based action-planning. Reliability and validity of the items are based on a psychometric analysis of a stratified sample of 5,010 working Canadians who completed the 2016 Guarding Minds@Work Employee Survey.

The PH&S Pulse Check takes about 10 minutes to complete. It can be readily repeated at various points in time to capture employees’ evolving experiences of the recovery phase of the pandemic and beyond. It can be used by any type, sector, or size of organization. It may be particularly relevant for those organizations providing essential services, such as healthcare.

The PH&S Pulse Check will be administered by the Healthy Organization Consortium, a collaborative venture between Vancouver Psych Health + Safety Consulting, the Graham Lowe Group and the Verita Strategy Group.

Participating organizations will receive:

  • On-line administration of the survey, response rate monitoring, secure data storage, and statistical analysis of the results.
  • A report of organizational-level results, highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement, national pre-pandemic benchmarks for comparison, and recommendations for communication and action-planning.
  • Ongoing advice on survey follow-up, communication, and action-planning.
  • Customized options (separately priced), including a module assessing employees’ preferences and concerns regarding post-pandemic work arrangements.

For more information, please contact:

Graham Lowe PhD

Graham Lowe:
The Graham Lowe Group
P: 250-717-7371

Merv Gilbert PhD / Dan Bilsker PhD

Merv Gilbert:
Vancouver Psych Health and Safety
P: 604-809-4173

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