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The psychological health and safety of the workplace and workforce has emerged as a major issue for Canadian organizations. It is clear that organizations which help their employees stay psychologically healthy are more efficient, effective and enduring.

We help organizations build their strengths and address problems. We provide services and resources that are cost-effective, easily accessible and solidly based in evidence. We believe that any organization can become psychologically healthier and safer, resulting in employees who are more productive, engaged and resilient. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with many organizations – large and small, public and private – to advance psychological health & safety.

Our Logic Model for Working with Clients

New: PH&S Pulse Check ©

Determining the factors that are foundational to a psychologically healthy and safe workplace is critical for employers and employees – particularly during times of upheaval. This tool provides organizations with a brief, confidential and actionable ‘pulse check’.


We help you define policy commitment to psych health & safety & share this commitment with your employees.


We help you assess psychosocial hazards and strengths and set goals using our unique tools.


We help you identify initiatives that are effective & feasible, through strategic planning.


We help you stage initiatives in a realistic way and evaluate short- and long-term impacts.

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